‘Never stop reading’

Since the Reading Programme was introduced at the Springer Memorial Secondary School nearly three years ago, the participating students have gone through almost 2,500 books. Additionally, the effects of the increased reading have not gone unnoticed.

Samantha Greene the top reader accepting her award from SOL Caribbean Ltd representative Gina Cummins.
Samantha Greene the top reader accepting her award from SOL Caribbean Ltd representative Gina Cummins.

It is safe to say this programme has had a positive impact on several aspects of the participants’ lives as many have gone on to be top students in whatever they have pursued.

This morning, as 23 new entrants who have read a combined total of 684 books were rewarded for their dedication to the project, coordinator and third-year year head Francis Thompson implored them to never stop reading.

Speaking to the girls this morning at the school in Government Hill, St Michael, Thompson told the awardees that as they graduated from this programme they needed to note that it was just the first stop in their journey to success, and that the journey continues.

“Remember, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Hence, you can ill afford to cease reading. So go on in confidence knowing that you have laid a solid foundation; but remember a foundation alone is not a completed work. Never be satisfied, ladies,” Thompson said.

This programme is reserved for third form students. This year they were introduced to writing, which involved compositions in poems, short stories, book reports and plays. Thompson said there were entrants in all sections and he believed that all the goals which were set for the programme were achieved. Unfortunately, however, it proved to be a challenge getting students to read the classics –– whether they be West Indian or international.

To remedy this, the school has already begun to brainstorm on how the next group of students may be so motivated.

Also speaking to the students today was radio personality Gaynelle Marshall, who too encouraged them to make books their friends. She advised them that reading could only improve their lives and give them an advantage on those who did not.

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