Reading for fun

What day is it?


Tomorrow, April 1, is Reading Is Funny Day.

If you have ever tried and failed at getting your child to put down the video games and pick up a book, this might be the day for you! Reading Is Funny Day aims to show children that reading can be just as much fun as more modern entertainment, whether it be with jokes, riddles or               funny stories.


Take the opportunity on this day to show your children how fun reading can be. Download riddles from the Internet to get your children engaged, go to the library to check out a few funny books, or even spend the day making up funny stories of your own!

Setting this day aside to concentrate on having fun reading can be a real eye opener to the children of today and may even encourage them to start to read on their own on other days of the year! (

Tomorrow, April 1, is also Batman Day.

The purpose of Batman Day is to celebrate the anniversary of the character’s first ever appearance, which was in Detective Comics #27 way back in May 1939. Since those early comic book appearances, Batman has grown into one of the world’s best loved and most recognizable fictional characters, and is the focal point of television shows, animated cartoons, video games and Hollywood blockbusters.

Do you possess some Batman-related comic books, video games or DVDs? Are you the proud owner of a Batman fancy dress costume              that rarely gets used?

Whatever the case, why not find a way to celebrate Gotham City’s greatest detective? (


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