Cut BTA staff not to be counted among 3,000, says Sealy

The next phase of restructuring at the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) will be rolled out within weeks.

This, following the decision by authorities to send just over a dozen workers on early retirement at the end of next month.

“We have to do option forms to see who’s going to go with the marketing company, who’s going to go with the product authority,” said Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy.

Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy
Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy

He was referring to the plan to replace the BTA with the Tourism Product Authority and the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.                by August 1.

“There are some issues relating to the actual ministry itself. The tourism development officers who work at the Ministry of Tourism will obviously go over to the Product Authority and we have to get all of those steps done, and the options forms and so have to be filled out.

The minister gave the assurance that the decision to send home CEO Urban Cumberbatch and acting senior vice-president of marketing Averil Byer, effective April 27, as well as other select workers, did not mean BTA staff were on Government’s layoff list.

Sealy said, however, the changes were necessary and must take place by the end of July.

“We have to make sure that we create these two institutions in a manner that they operate efficiently and so on, but this is no guise of any retrenchment exercise or anything. It is part of the necessary restructuring of public sector institutions that govern tourism, and we’re happy to get it done,” he told Barbados TODAY.
He said further that he was satisfied with the pace at which the restructuring  was proceeding.

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