Jamar the star

The Barbados Secondary Schools Athletic Championships are not all about what happens on the track and field.

It is also about the spectators. These people have braved the heat to come out and give their support to their favourite young athletes and schools. So it is a must that their energy be sustained. What better way to keep up the aforementioned hype than through the use of a good master of ceremonies.

For the past five years or so, Jamar The Star Browne has had this honour.

Jamar 'The Star' Browne.
Jamar ‘The Star’ Browne.

On many occasions he can be seen with microphone in hand running across the field during the sun and rain to keep the audience up to date with the days events. Moreover, he keeps the spectators charged with his very entertaining commentary.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY this afternoon amid the screams and shouts of thousands in attendance at the finals of BSSAC at the National Stadium on Waterford he revealed his job was not as easy as it looked. Still as vibrant as he begun this morning but with a slightly hoarse voice, Browne exclaimed however that someone had to do it.

That person so happened to be him because his life long dream has been to be in some way involved in the media. This goal begun many years ago while he was a student at the Erdiston Primary School. There, teachers June Wood, Maureen Branch and Arleene King first heard his voice and believed his future was in the area of broadcast.

This was right after his experienced puberty and while, he said his voice was a little thin at that time it was nevertheless somewhat clear and they still say his potential.

“I was about ten or 11 and my voice was still very clear. More importantly however, what was very clear at that age was fluency and pronunciation and tone. I read pretty well as I used to always get in the 90s,” he explained.

After this, he got his first MC gig when he was then invited to announce the prize winners at his primary school’s graduation prize
giving ceremony.

“I read out the awards and the audience appreciated that. From the time I then went on to Foundation, I started doing more MC–ing events there. Later, I would have done Junior Monarch, other events for Crop Over, the reggae festival and I will be MC-ing Reggae On The Hill this year.

“This is something I love doing and I truly enjoy doing it. I always knew I had the talent and a good voice to announce. It can be challenging sometimes because you have to keep abreast of all the events happening. That can be a lot of work but I have a love for athletes and when you take that mic and you face the crowd and you know you are doing a good job you have a sense . . . of excitement and satisfaction,” the 30-year-old said.

Browne, who will also be headed to Martinique to lend his support to the Barbados team attending the Carifta Games later this year, named fellow MC Mac Fingall as one of his role models.

“From watching Mac Fingall, it was then I realised this was the career that I wanted to get in. Mac really showed the way, he has given me a lot of advice and I respect him 110 per cent.”

This young man currently teaches physical education at the George Lamming Primary School, and while he enjoys it very much, he noted one of these days and given an opportunity he would pursue media full–time.

Victrix ludorum Tristan Evelyn powering over the finish line as Jamar Browne commentates.
Victrix ludorum Tristan Evelyn powering over the finish line as Jamar Browne commentates.

“I love announcing; I love keeping the crowds hype and also doing ads. So most definitely I would like to do it full–time and if I ever have a chance of going back to BCC to gave my service I would in a heart beat. I have a serious love for teaching and I think with my love for announcing that would be a great combination,” he said.



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