Bonnets on parade

By Kimberley Cummins

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On Friday afternoon an Easter bonnet parade and competition were the centre of attention at the Westbury Primary School.

Little girls were outfitted in pretty dresses, accessorised by attractive and lovely decorated hats representing various themes, including My Garden Of Easter, The Magical Easter Egg Hunt, The Beauty Of Heaven and A Breath Of Spring. One male student dressed like a jockey modelled a unique bonnet which depicted aspects of the Sandy Lane Gold Cup at the historic Garrison Savannah.

The spectators, who gathered to cheer on their schoolmates who participated in the competition, witnessed the bonnets decorated with flowers, eggs, colourful papers and a variety of other useful materials. There were eleven contestants ranging from nursery to Class 4.

Teacher Joeann Harris told the media that the parade was organised to give the students a worthy enjoyable project to work towards.

“They expressed a lot of interest in the hat parade – them and the parents were involved in designing the hats.

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“This is our inaugural hat parade so as years go by we hope that the interest would grow and it would help the students to be involved in doing something,” Harris said.

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