The Day Of Weed

What day is it?


I knew today’s headline would have caught your attention; and with all the debate going on about whether we should legalize cannabis or not, it is no wonder you gravitated to this article.

Now, before you go getting all excited though, or before you declare, like John Holt, that if they “continue to burn down de herb”. . . “you gonna burn down de canefield”, I must let you know that we are not talking about appreciating that kind of weed.

We are, however, making the point that all actions have consequences because today, March 28, Weed Appreciation Day, was about recognizing that weeds such as dandelions are an important part of our ecosystem, and encourages us to “consider how many of these weeds are in fact edible (make sure to check it’s safe!), and unsurprisingly very easy to grow”!


So maybe you’ll want to research your weeds before you go pulling them all up from your garden. (SA)


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