Plea for Bridgetown

Chairperson wants better upkeep of the city

Chairperson of The Revitalization of Bridgetown Initiative, Sharon Christie, is disappointed in the way residents continue to treat buildings and other key pieces of infrastructure in and around The City.

And she is calling on Barbadians to take ownership and responsibility of the historic capital.

“We are putting the infrastructure in place. It is up to Barbadians to bring value to it. The value is not in the bricks and mortar or in the pretty trees or anything else. The value is in the use of it by Barbadians,” she said, making specific mention of the newly opened Church Village Green

She added that The City was well positioned with rich history and therefore should be appreciated more.

As it related to Heroes Square, Christie said with the help of LIME and the National Conservation Commission (NCC) they were able to install new lights and benches, among other amenities. She said, however, a recent visit to the fountain with a visitor brought her some level of discomfort.

“Whosoever at NCC was responsible for making it look the way it supposed to look was not doing their job. We have to have accountability. You see these people being laid off, let’s make sure the ones that have work deserve the job,” she said.

“If they are not doing the job they are paid for, there are plenty others out there who want it. We have to have accountability and step up what we consider is acceptable performance in every part of this country whether it is at the public level, whether it is in the private sector, whether it is children getting free education,” added Christie.

When it came to the use of Bridgetown on Sundays and having more activities, Christie said a cultural change was needed.

“It is a cart and a horse situation,” she said.

“I would love to go down Bridgetown and have some tea and sit by the water. There is no restaurant that I can do that at. Which comes first? Does the restaurant open first and incur all the excess cost for being open for no business, or do I go and take my cup of coffee and somebody realizes they are missing out on an opportunity, which comes first? But we do need a cultural change,” she said.

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  1. Sanderson Rowe March 29, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    The ink is not yet dry on the Church Village green, and a few days ago while walking over the foot bridge opposite Queens Park gate, I was not at all surprised to see plastic bags and other garbage in the floating in the pond beneath.


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