‘Hoteliers need to pull weight’

Local hotel operators have been criticized for depending too much on Government and not playing their part in advertising their properties overseas.

Senator Verla DePeiza, in her contribution to the senate debate on the Appropriation Bill 2014 on Tuesday, said it was time hoteliers start pulling their weight, especially when it came to advertising.

“I cannot leave without having a word on the hotel industry,” said DePeiza as she sought to wrap up her presentation.

“When Government expends significant resources on an industry there is every expectation that the beneficiaries will do their own best to assist. That point I make in relation to social welfare. And it is ever so much the truth in relation to our hotel stock. Our hoteliers need to start their own advertising campaigns,” she said.

“I am tired of travelling and seeing advertisements for hotels, not the BTA, for hotels in the Bahamas, for hotels in Jamaica, for hotels in St Lucia and the only ad I can see in relation to a hotel in Barbados is Accra Beach Hotel. The rest need to scrub the rust of their game, add some polish and get with it. To whom much is given much is expected,” added DePeiza.

She said a lot of assistance had been given to tourism players, and therefore there was every expectation that “they will pull their weight and bring something firmly to the table especially in terms of advertising”.

Expressing joy regarding the expected Air Canada Rouge service to start flights to Barbados in summer, DePeiza also added that while it was good to go after new markets there was still need to foster relations  with traditional ones.

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