West Terrace, St Stephen’s are NAPSAC champs!

All hail St. Stephen’s and West Terrace Primary schools!

On a day of pure youthful athleticism and enthusiasm, the 2014 Pine Hill Dairy-sponsored National Primary Schools Athletics Championships (NAPSAC)  came to an exciting climax with the Black Rock, St. Michael school winning the girls’ championship and the St. James institution taking the boys’ championship back to the north.

Girls’ champions St Stephen’s scored a whopping 125 points to dethrone the 2012 defending champions West Terrace Primary who had to settle for seventh position this time around with a mere 38 points. Charles F. Broome Primary could leave Waterford, St. Michael feeling rather proud of themselves having placed second in both the boys’ and girls’ competition respectively. They tallied 78 points in the girls’ competition while they were just behind West Terrace’s 91 points tally with 87. Lawrence T. Gay Memorial Primary’s 58 points got them third position among the girls while Wilkie Cumberbatch and Wesley Hall Junior School tied for fourth position with 56 points.

West Terrace’s boys won the title but not without some very stiff competition. In addition to the challenge which they faced from Charles F. Broome throughout he day, they also had to contend with the lads from Luther Thorne Primary who were persistently at the St. James school’s heels while scoring 83 points and copping third place.

Some distance behind in fourth position were the boys of Bayley’s Primary who accumulated 61 points and Wesley Hall Junior School which rounded off the top five with 57 points.

Victrix ludorum Skye Spencer-Layne of West Terrace Primary is definitely one to watch out for in the future. The spectacle of having Spencer- Layne, Samyia Dell of Sharon Primary and Ciara Piggott of St Stephen’s Primary in the same race brought spectators at the stadium to their feet and the tension was definitely in the air. However it was unquestionably Spencer- Layne’s day as she scored 30 points overall to walk away with bragging rights in the under-nine division.

Skye Spencer- Layne slammed the field in the under-nine girls’ 100m.
Skye Spencer- Layne slammed the field in the under-nine girls’ 100m.
Samiya Dell of Sharon Primary slamming the field in the under-nine girls’ 80m.
Samiya Dell of Sharon Primary slamming the field in the under-nine girls’ 80m.

The young bright spark produced a sensational showing in the 100m despite having a slow start out the blocks; she came from behind to win in 15.62 seconds. The 150m was no different as she blew the field away in a time of 23.45 seconds while in the long jump she came first with a leap of 3.39m.

It was a close call for victor ludorum as there was a three-way tie among under-13 boys’ champ Shem Williams of Luther Thorne Primary, Iyobosa Iyare of West Terrace Primary and Jaquan Pilgrim of St George Primary in the under-nine boys’ respectively, each with 26 points.

Williams won the 400m in 1:03.81 but had to settle for second in the 200m in a time of 26.77 after Charles F. Broome Primary’s Justin Millington was first in a time of 26.72. Williams was second in the long jump with a leap of 4.77 after Emmerson Graham of Roland Edwards Primary jumped 4.85m which was good enough for the gold medal.

Meanwhile Iyare was in a feverish battle with main rival Pilgrim in the under-nine boys’ division and this was how it unfolded between the two. Iyare won the 100m in 14.84; Pilgrim got sweet revenge in the 150m in a time of 22.68. Iyare came second in the long jump with a distance of 3.59 while first place went to Daniel Duncan of Bayley’s Primary in 3.64.

Ranisha Forde-Morris of Lawrence T Gay Primary was a force to reckon with in the under-13 girls’ division which resulted in her tallying 20 points. Forde-Morris clocked 27.89 to win the 200m and 1:05.23 to take the 400m.

There was a tie for the division champion in the under-11 boys’ between Malachi Harris and Kobe Hutson with each scoring 20 points. Harris won the cricket ball throw quite easily with a toss of 57.90 and the 100m in 13.48 but was unfortunately disqualified in the 200m after running into another lane. Meanwhile Hutson was impressive winning the 200m in 28.07 and the 400m in 1:05.51.

Kiara Payne of St Stephen’s Primary captured the girls’ championship in the under-11 division with 22 points. She won the 100m in 14.12 seconds and the 200m in 29.06.

Christ Church Girls had something to shout about in the under-seven girls’ division when Jakya Padmore topped that age group with 15 points. Padmore was second in the standing broad jump with 1.49m and her team-mate Amerie Archer won the event with a jump of 1.50. Padmore was fourth in the 50m dash.

Jules O’Garro of St Gabriel’s Primary put in a good performance take the under-seven boys’ title with 15 points. O’Garro won the standing broad jump at 1.60m and came fourth in the 50m.

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