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Overflow of sewage preventing netball play in Speightstown

The Unity Stars Sports and Social Club’s chances to win this year’s Barbados Netball Association netball competition may well be in the toilet if the team doesn’t get a space to practise.

Usually, the club has sessions on the National Sports Council hard court in Speightstown in St Peter, but due to an overflow of sewage coming from a well located near the court, their practice sessions have become difficult and limited.

Members of the team said they first noticed the wastewater trickling onto the court back in February this year but it has spread so drastically and got so rancid and that they can only now utilize half of the court for practice.

“. . . And we need the court to practice so we can be ready for our games. The sewage . . . is making our practice difficult and it also is a health hazard to the players and those other persons who use the court,” they said as they called for the matter to be     addressed urgently.

Ramon Graham, a resident of the area also complained that the sewage was causing a severe inconvenience to people of that community.

Sewage making it difficult for persons who use the hard court.
Sewage making it difficult for persons who use the hard court.

He told Barbados TODAY that many children, just like himself, could not now play on the court as they once would and instead had to stick to the nearby pasture.

“We does play on the pasture but if I come out here to fly my kite I does make sure I don’t put it over the hard court because if my kite drop in there I ain’t gine tek it out.

“Not with all of this nasty water out here. When I does pass and see it and see the larva in it, it does make me want to vomit. And it seem like it getting worse and worse, look how far it come onto the court now,” he said.

Apart from the foul scent and the unpleasant sight as a result of the sewage, of major concern also was the host of mosquitoes which infested the waters. The sewage had not only settled on the basketball court but likewise in pools next to the NSC Speightstown Centre.

A worker there, who preferred to be anonymous, told Barbados TODAY they were especially worried that they or other workers at the centre could be susceptible to dengue fever. So they hoped that the problem could be fixed sooner rather than later.

When contacted at the NSC, Ronnie Thompson, senior technical officer responsible for the Speightstown area said they were trying to address the matter with urgency by this week.

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  1. Angel OfThunder
    Angel OfThunder March 25, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    That’s not good for sports an we don’t have much so do better please we all we got…


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