Free financial advice for Barbadians

As Barbadians struggle to stretch their dollar while the spiralling cost of living bites into their pockets, a multi-millionaire is coming to Barbados to show residents how to receive financial freedom.

Senior pastor and wealthy businessman Leroy Thompson from the Word of Life Christian Centre in the United States would be sharing free advice and guidance during the 2014 Barbados Apostolic Prosperity Conference scheduled for the Wildey Gymnasium on May 1 and May 2.

Under the theme Walking In God’s Plan For Financial Freedom Apostle Thompson will bring his experience and knowledge
in finances to bear on the topic for the benefit of individuals and entities.

“He has the message on what we call, biblical economics, which is the method of teaching individuals how to find out the principals of God and then how to use those principals to better their lives financially,” local organiser and senior pastor of World Harvest Ministries International, Leroy Scantlebury, told Barbados TODAY.

“He has a tremendous knowledge base in the area of what we call, seed time and harvest; and so he is going to be in the island to share his expertise with us for three sessions . . . . This is going to be a fantastic opportunity for individuals, especially in this season of recession, when individuals don’t know what to do to better their lives and become stronger financially,” Scantlebury added.

“So he is going to be here to share his over 40 years experience in this ministry; and so I just want to challenge the nation, business leaders, church leaders, individuals who are not experiencing financial breakthrough in the way that they really need it, to come and hear from an expert on the area of biblical economics and finances,” he further stated.

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