Bajan Waffle Day

What day is it?

I’ve recently found a new favourite TV show, and anyone who knows me, knows of my love affair with food. So a reality show teaching restaurant cooking is right up my alley.

One challenge involved the creation of ice cream and waffle cones, and this got me thinking about waffles in general. I started to research waffles, and realized that not owning a waffle iron is a travesty on my part.

Waffles are evidently one of the most versatile food choices, and according to, these remarkable dough-based griddle cakes may be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner –– snack or dessert.

The Internet lists a great number of waffle recipes and add-ons which range from the breakfast waffle with maple or other sweet syrup, to chicken and waffles for dinner; but I immediately thought of how we could Bajanise the waffles.

Now I am in no way belittling bakes, fish cakes, cou-cou, macaroni pie or any of the usual delicacies, but, as they say, variety is the spice of life, and with a prepared batter, here are my options for a truly Barbadian Waffle Day tomorrow Tuesday, March 25.


Breakfast: how about adding some coconut and raisins to your batter to make a “sweet bread” waffle. A salt fish waffle perhaps? With onions, sweet pepper, tomatoes and so. Or a waffle with some seasonal fruit rolled in it and dusted with sugar!

Lunch or dinner: combine a stack of waffles with the meat of your choice; left over stewed chicken, lamb chops, fried pork, baked turkey, or maybe some freshly grilled fish. The possibilities are endless.

Snack: Flying fish and waffles, pumpkin waffles, spinach waffles, corned beef waffles, and so on and so on.

Don’t waffle around! Be as creative as you can be and celebrate a Bajan Waffle Day!


NB: word of the day –– waffle (verb) to fail to make up one’s mind; to speak or write at length without saying anything important or useful.

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