Three days incident-free

This year’s sugar harvest entered its third today, with no incidents reported, as chairman of the Barbados Sugar Industry Limited, Patrick Bethel, looked forward to a slightly higher production.

A trailer pulling into Portvale Factory to offload today.
A trailer pulling into Portvale Factory to offload.

Bethel expects an even higher output of sugar for next year because more canes would be planted.

However, earlier statements attributed to him that the country was moving towards branded Barbados sugar, giving consumers a choice between the local commodity and the imported one considered dirty, were actually stated by another industry official.

The other official had also noted that while there would be a disparity in the price of both types, people would have an option.

General manager of the Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Leslie Parris, is projecting production of sugar for this year should be 180,000 tons, with about 15,000 tons being allocated for export to the European Union and the rest
for local consumption.

Portvale Sugar Factory in St James is the only one operating, with plans well advanced for the construction of a new multipurpose plant to replace Andrews in St Joseph.


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