Government ‘victimized’ Transport Board workers

The Transport Board has become the “poster child of victimization” of the Democratic Labour Party’s retrenchment programme.

Parliamentary representative for St George South Dwight Sutherland levelled the allegation today in the House of Assembly while condemning Government’s retrenchment of public servants.

Speaking during debate on 2014-2015 Estimates Of Revenue And Expenditure, Sutherland said: “You have people who entered the Transport Board since 1994 who have been given termination letters and you have workers who have entered the Transport Board post 2008 still working. Now tell me that is not victimization especially when they are from rural Barbados that supported this great party, the Barbados Labour Party. This madness must stop!”

Earlier, the St George South MP questioned the wisdom of retrenching several bus drivers at a time when the service islandwide had proven to be inadequate.

Sutherland told fellow members of parliament that one-third of the bus fleet was in the garage inconveniencing commuters who wanted to go about their legitimate business.

“School children from Drax Hall Woods and Drax Hall Tenantry who attend the Lodge School cannot get to school. Late everyday because buses are coming late. The Transport Board has compounded a bad problem by sending home the drivers. You have good buses out of the two-thirds sitting down without drivers,” Sutherland noted.

The opposition parliamentarian suggested that before the drivers were sent home from the Transport Board, there should have been a rationalization of the routes.

He said: “Restructuring can be done without sending home workers. You can improve efficiencies without sending home workers.”

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