Forde: Probe infections at QEH

Carry out a proper investigation at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital aimed at minimising infections there.

The call was made this afternoon by Opposition MP for Thomas, Cynthia Forde, while making her contribution to the ongoing debate on the 2014 to 2015 Estimates Of Revenue And Expenditure in the House of Assembly.

MP Cynthia Forde
MP Cynthia Forde

Although Forde did not expand on this issue, she was at the time claiming that poor people who attended the QEH and the island’s polyclinics were suffering either due to a lack of medicine or the high cost of it.

She suggested that those with HIV/AIDS were also particularly being impacted by the challenges related to medicine.

Turning to the economic situation in Barbados, the opposition parliamentarian told the House, the cost of living was so high, businesses in her constituency were sending home workers or were on the brink of doing so.

She argued that the cost of operating a business in Barbados had become too high and was blaming the Freundel Stuart administration.

Forde also urged the Government to acquire land at Allen View in St Thomas for housing for the “poor” people in that community, contending that no work had been done on the proposed neighbourhood housing project.

The school meals programme did not escape her condemnation either. The opposition MP was of the view that it was the worse ever.

“The workers call it macaroni and crush cow, meaning corned beef,” she declared. Forde frowned on the quality of the food, against a background of children contracting diabetes and other illnesses.

She referred to an earlier policy, where children received a hot meal three times per week.

“Now children are getting bread lunch after bread lunch,” concluded the Barbados Labour Party member.

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