Official says wheelchair blocking exercise achieved its objective

Disabled parking

The three-day wheelchair blocking exercise spearheaded by the Barbados Council for the Disabled comes to an end today with one official already happy with the results.

Brian Hurley, marketing director for Carter’s General Store, Wildey where the initiative was staged, said it was effective and increased public awareness of the need to observe disabled parking signs.

I think is has come off very well. It has gotten a lot more publicity than we expected. It does well for the disabled community and that was the goal set from day one,” he said, adding that many customers gave positive feedback.

As for the Royal Barbados Police Force motorcyclist, who was caught parking in one the specially designated spots, Hurley said he was given “a parking violation ticket”.

I think that brought even more attention to the cause,” he added.

The initiative formed part of activities being held across the island in recognition of Month Of The Disabled.

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