DePeiza off to Brazil

The head of this island’s umbrella trade union body has gone to Brazil to discuss labour markets as they relate to empowering citizens for a better quality of life in Barbados.

Dennis Depeiza
Dennis DePeiza

General secretary of the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations, Dennis DePeiza has been addressing the Inter-American Development Bank Civil Society Forum in Salvador, Brazil, that used the theme Quality Of Life, Partnerships For A Positive Impact.

But DePeiza’s presentation focused on work as one of the key methods of reducing poverty and improving the quality of life. He also highlighted the importance attached to the development of a social policy that served as a tool for permanent and sustainable growth of the quality of life for citizens.

Emphasis is also placed on the importance of education and training towards enhancing the quality of life of the labour force.

DePeiza related his submission directly to the Barbados experience, where attention was being placed on the promotion of the human resource policy, which was intended to address educational attainment, workforce skills, population health and employment policies that provide businesses with workers who have appropriate expertise to meet new challenges and demands.

He is CTUSAB’s representative on the local IDB Civil Society Consultative Group, of which he is the current vice-chair.

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