Two dead in NY building collapse

NewYorkBuildingCollapseRubbleMarch122014AP_large-2An explosion has destroyed two New York City apartment buildings, killing at least two people and injuring 17 others.

A utility company says a resident in a nearby building in East Harlem reported smelling gas shortly before the explosion, though the cause of the blast is as yet undetermined. The odour was believed to have been coming from outside.

The company sent two crews to investigate the gas odour report, but they arrived just after the explosion.

The explosion centred on a five-storey building near Park Avenue and 116th Street, and it sent huge flames and billowing black smoke into the air.

Eoin Hayes, 26, said the explosion shook his entire apartment building in Harlem at about 9.30am local time. He ran to the window and saw flames consuming one building and smoke rising into the air.

“I was in my bedroom and the explosion went off, it kind of shook the whole building,” he said. “You could feel the vibrations going through the building.”

The explosion occurred close to elevated Metro-North commuter train tracks. Metro-North services were suspended to and from Grand Central on all three train lines while employees removed debris from the tracks.

The fire department said it sent nearly 170 members to the scene.

NewYorkBuildingCollapseFireEnginesAtSceneMarch122014AP_largeOne of the destroyed residential buildings housed a piano shop on the ground floor, the other a store-front church.

Building Department records show the building with the church got permits to install new gas piping in June.

Eusebio Perez, 48, a piano technician who lived in one of the buildings but was at work at the time of the blast, said: “There’s nothing left. Just a bunch of bricks and wood. I only have what I’m wearing.”

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio visited the scene, and in a statement afterwards he confirmed a “number” of people were missing following the explosion.

The fire department later said more than a dozen people were missing. It also said two of those injured have life-threatening injuries.

The people who died were both women.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for utility firm Con Edison said it is working with the fire department “checking gas lines”. He added: “We’re working to isolate any leaks and make the area safe.”

Waldemar Infante, 24, a porter from a nearby residential building who was working in the basement when the explosion occurred, said: “It felt like an earthquake had rattled my whole building.

“There were glass shards everywhere on the ground and all the stores had their windows blown out.”

Mr de Blasio added that some of those unaccounted for may have fled to safety, but the city will make every effort to locate everyone.

A hotline is being set up for concerned relatives, he added.

Con Edison is shutting down all gas mains going into the buildings.

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