Govt hoping to maximize St Michael land use

Government hopes to maximize the use of land in the St Michael area by constructing apartments.

Minister of Housing and Lands, Denis Kellman, expressed Government’s policy decision on housing in urban Barbados today in the House of Assembly while moving the passing of a resolution to compulsorily acquire 3,380.1 square metres of land at Whitepark Road, St Michael, for housing development.


The St Lucy MP said: “From the time the Democratic Labour Party came to government we felt that housing would have played a major role in our policies. There are a number of cases where we have entered into negotiations with financial institutions to provide housing solutions and this is one in the Bridgetown area. There is no doubt that this government has spent substantial sums of money in the Bridgetown area and will continue to do so.”

Addressing the concern expressed by the business community that Bridgetown is dying, Kellman gave the assurance that his ministry will ensure that the City is not dying, but expanding.

He said: “What you are actually seeing is the changing face of Bridgetown. In other words, the traditional ways of Bridgetown cannot continue. Bridgetown has been built out to the east, south, north and west and we must recognize that we cannot continue business as usual. That is why we will be building out the expansion of the Bridgetown Port for the cruise business to solve a problem the country always had.”

Kellman told fellow parliamentarians that Bridgetown cannot be seen only as Broad Street and Swan Street, but must include places like Cat’s Castle, Mason Hall Street, Nelson Street and Greenfields.

“There is no doubt that a lot of work has to be done. Bridgetown has to look and behave like a capital city,” Kellman said.

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