Hyundai beat down Cheshire

Hyundai Barbados Polo Club played a near perfect defensive game to stifle the LIME Cheshire team and emerge victors by 2-1/2 goals at Holder’s Hill Polo Grounds yesterday.

The Cheshire team started the match with a 1/2 goal handicap and that was the only reason they didn’t draw a blank after four demanding chukkas. The Hyundai Barbados team also had to contend with a solid defensive effort from the visitors that kept them scoreless for large chunks of the game.

The home side got on the scoresheet in the first chukka thanks to a goal from Danny Atwell. But the game then became a virtual war of attrition with several near misses and defensive interceptions. Both Oliver Taylor and Jonny Codrington had opportunities to score but these came to naught.

The second and third chukkas produced no goals but not for lack of effort, with Atwell and Philip Tempro making good runs through the middle of the field but being thwarted at the final stage. Tempro’s industry, though, paid off in the fourth and final chukka when he scored his team’s second goal after a few quick exchanges. He was arguably the man-of-the-match, though Atwell also had a good afternoon.

Philip Tempro scored for the winners. (FP)
Philip Tempro scored for the winners. (FP)

The Hyundai Barbados Polo Club comprised Philip Tempro, Teddy Williams, Danny Atwell and Jeff Evelyn. The Cheshire squad was Lucy Taylor, Charlie Walton, Oliver Taylor and Jonny Codrington. Polo action continues on Thursday at Apes Hill.

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