Another fine day comes tomorrow

If you work hard enough, think big enough, dream large enough . . . . Dreams do come true and visions do come to life.
– Dame Nita Barrow

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day. And under the theme Inspiring Change, we remember the contribution women have made to the betterment of this country of Barbados –– and to the world at large –– and pay tribute to those in particular who have demonstrated to the world their resolve, their good and
their worthiness.

The strides our women have made have not been without their challenges, victory over discrimination and inequality coming through strength of character and an unstoppableness that could only have made our nation a better place –– and the rest of the globe who thought like us marching towards a socially
improved world.

We salute the journey of our women and pledge our continued support to their development. And we may understand that trek by reflecting on the words of our own first female Governor General Dame Nita Barrow whom we quoted above from her poem One Fine Day, an excerpt of which we offer you.


One fine day I shall walk with my head held high

My back ever so straight

My strides long and purposeful

As I take my walk

My hips will swing from left to right

With absolutely no thought about cellulite

My breasts will have a dose of sanity

And disobey the laws of gravity

I will carry a large bag

Full of everything I need

For work, for play and for looking good

Everything, that is,

Except money

But who cares?


. . . On this fine day I will walk

Bag full of this and that

My body responding to the warm caress of the sun

And even if it is cold

I will walk free of all the symbols and signifiers that tell me

I am less than who I am


Those I am walking with will know how I feel

We are walking a road we have all paved together

And it is finally taking us to the places we want to go together



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