Colombians still awaiting sentencing

Two Colombians who were expected to be sentenced today on burglary charges will have to wait a little longer to find out their fate.

When Santiago Prad Vieda and David Mauricio Botero-Montes reappeared before District “D” Magistrate Ian Weekes this afternoon, after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing, the presiding officer informed the men he was not ready to make his ruling, because a pre-sentencing report that should have been submitted today was not yet ready.

Santiago Prad Vieda (left) and David Mauricio Botero-Montes

The magistrate therefore ordered that they be kept on remand until April 2, when the report should be completed. That report would determine what type of sentencing the Colombians will get.

They pleaded guilty to burglarising a St Thomas home on January 22.

During the previous hearing, Magistrate Weekes expressed what he called very, very grave concern over the kind of criminal techniques being imported into Barbados, particularly by non-nationals.

What caused the ire of the judicial officer was evidence that revealed the accused men shifted some of the CCTV cameras when they entered the residence. He disagreed with the men’s attorney-at-law Allan Carter that the two visitors were not professionals.

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