A morning with the Prince

There was excitement in the air as young bronze and silver award participants of the Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award Barbados prepared to display their various talents to The Earl of Wessex on Friday, February 28, at Dukers Showcase at the officers mess of the Barbados Defence Force.

Just the evening before he had presented six gold awards at Government House and now had the chance to chat and interact with some of those in the early stages of the award. Also in attendance at the showcase was chief of staff of the Barbados Defence Force, Colonel Alvin Quintyne, and Americas regional director David Clarke.

One of the sports which has really taken the interest of young participants is archery. More than 20 participants have started the challenging sport. At the showcase coach John Annel organized a quick competition for the children, which Ché Alleyne of the Graydon Sealy Secondary School won, with the best shot at ten metres.

HRH Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, chatting with archery coach John Annel.
HRH Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, chatting with archery coach John Annel.

Eyes were affixed to the road tennis court when the Prince decided that watching the action was not enough and took the opportunity to try his hand at the indigenous sport. And he got a rally going before leaving the court. All were quite impressed with how quickly he got a handle
on the sport.

There was a bit of entertainment as well, with the participants depicting the array of talents which they are developing for the skills section of the programme.

There was dance from the students of Queen’s College and Christ Church Foundation School. Asharee Coombs of the Deighton Griffith Secondary School delivered a self-penned poem that told the story of a young girl grappling with the effects of being a victim
of bullying.

Bullying is a focal point for the Deighton Griffith Secondary School group at the school, and some students are working on anti-bullying posters while developing their artistic skills. Several groups put pictures of their activities on display for Prince Edward to see.

The work included handmade jewellery from Codrington High and The St Michael School. The Prince was able to chat with the youngsters about their work and how they are advancing towards their bronze and silver awards.

In addition to the artwork, entertainment and sport, there was some competition for the participants. Camping is one of the four sections that all participants must complete.

Participants working hard at the tent pitching competition.
Participants working hard at the tent pitching competition.

Groups competed against each other in tent pitching and packing a backpack. In the case of packing backpacks they were provided with a typical selection of items that would be used on a weekend camp along with other items.

The test was to choose the correct pieces of equipment and place them into the backpack faster than the others. For the tents, as with the backpacks, the challenge was to do it the right way and be the fastest team. Groups had to give consideration to wind direction and the possibility of rain as they went about the task.

In addition to the showcase, participants also took part in dinghy races as part of the Royalist Regatta 2014 on Saturday, March 1. They competed in two classes of vessel: Topaz and Echo.

Over the last three years the award has been encouraging participants to take up the sport of sailing in association with LRN 2 Sail Barbados. The winners were Providence Secondary School in the Topaz and Codrington School in the Echo.

Full results of the Junior Dinghy Races


Charlie Gill & Adam Armstrong –– Providence Secondary School

Che Alleyne & Kiel King –– Graydon Sealy Secondary and Combermere School

Justin Elcock &  Romel Nichols – Combermere School


Anish Persaud & Ishan Persaud –– Combermere School

Dominic Hewitt and Sarah Drayton –– The St Michael School

Sophie Stratford and Melissa Boland –– St Winifred’s School

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