Women for change

Ladies urged to put their talents to good use

Young women who are not currently employed are being encouraged to start using their skills and talents to earn a living.

Chief executive officer of Barbados Faces, Shelly Ross, said given the current economic challenges facing this country and with the increase in unemployment, women should not just sit back and complain.

Ross was speaking to Barbados TODAY during an interview about a new mentorship programme that organization, in association with the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihood (CCESL), was about to launch for teenage girls.

Making reference to the book What Do You Have In Your House? Ross said individuals who were currently out of employment should check to see what piece of equipment they had laying around, and what skills they possessed and put them to good use in order
to earn a living.

“What talents do you have that you are not using? We talk about today’s economic times, ‘it is so tough we can’t get a job, we can’t do this’, but what do you have in your house? What talents are you not using?” asked Ross.

“Let’s say in your house you have an old [sewing] machine sitting there and you are good at sewing, why not use it to do something to make a livelihood? . . . . A girl could be sitting at home and can’t get a job; we want to stop that. What do you have in your house? I want to stress that,” she said.

The two organizations have joined forces to help in the social development of young females. So far 75 first to fourth form girls from the various public and private secondary schools on the island will take part in the pilot programme. There will be 30 mentors.

Among other things, the programme is aimed at inspiring, mentoring and motivating the young females. It is also aimed at helping the girls to increase their sense of worth, understand the importance of education and strengthen
their talents.

The programme, which runs for one year, will examine a range of topics including nutrition, health, education, entrepreneurship and beauty.

It will be officially launched on Saturday – International Women’s Day – at Hilton Barbados.

The theme is Inspire Change And Be Extraordinary. Each student will enter the programme with 1,000 points and gain additional points throughout, based on academic improvement and involvement in extracurricular activities. However, points will be deducted for bad behaviour or for failing a subject in school. At the end of the programme the girls will be given awards.

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