Lacking creativity

Call for small businesses to be more innovative

There is a lack of creativity among some businesspersons in Barbados, that has seen them not capitalising on opportunities presented.

“Some of our people also lack creativity, because they go into places because they see someone else doing it and they think that that business will make them successful and make them rich. They don’t look around, and I am not talking about going and doing market research in the formal sense. You can do your own pedestrian work to find out if something will be successful for you,” challenged Government Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner this afternoon as debate resumed in the Upper House on the passing of a resolution that Government take immediate
action to develop and implement a National Policy On Small Business In Barbados.

Government Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner

She recalled that Senator Reginald Hunte started a business selling pigtails and shortly thereafter several persons in Barbados were on the corners selling barbeque pig tails, adding that the same thing happened with the sale of hotdogs.

Eventually, she said the market became flooded because persons were taking up areas of business simply by seeing others doing the same.

“Basic research would have indicated whether your business would fail or not,” she maintained.

Sandiford-Garner added: “There is a disturbing lack of creativity in the small business sector in this country. I will give you a very real example . . . . We just celebrated or started celebrations for 375th anniversary. Do you know somebody asked, if the only memorabilia from the celebrations is the receipt he’s going to get from the Government. Meaning, that he had seen no memorabilia in this country for sale.

“My question was, the Government supposed to provide the cups and the towels and the napkins and the keyrings for the 375th anniversary? Why isn’t it that a Barbadian couldn’t have taken on board that idea? If I was not in politics I would have done it. But I am sharing it now with the world. Why couldn’t a Barbadian have taken on the idea of selling or getting some memorabilia done
for the celebrations?

“The day we had that reception in Parliament yard, Barbados was flooded with visitors and all they would have left with would have been pictures that they took. Not one iota was on sale to commemorate the occasion.”

She pointed out that in the United States, within half-hour of the death of Michael Jackson, people were on the streets selling memorabilia with his image.

But, she said, “somehow in this country we are creatively constipated, where making money is anathema, where going after the dollar is something that is wrong”.

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  1. David E Hall
    David E Hall March 6, 2014 at 11:06 am

    STUPESSSSSS!!!! I recently completed a research project through UWI/CARICOM touching on issues affecting entrepreneurs in Barbados. Based on what was revealed after a years work, the problems lie with government bureaucracy not with the business people.Government want people to advance but don’t provide the incentives needed for people to advance. You politicians give all kinds of fancy speeches because you all see a camera and a potential audience. The DLP promise incentives most of which have not seen the light of day. Also what is wrong with copying selling pig tails if there is a demand. There is so much i can say but your totally absurd response has left me almost speechless.


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