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Sherné-Alleyne - WHAT DAY IS IT?You would be amazed at the number of crazy things celebrated around the world each day. At Barbados TODAY we intend to keep you aware of all the wonderfully weird, wacky and worthy things being celebrated daily.

To kick off our What Day Is It? column, we begin on a very nice note. Saturday, March 1, was World Compliment Day.

Though the day has passed, I’d still like to pay you our readers a worthwhile compliment. You are a highly intelligent group of people, who are wise enough to choose news that you can trust. Further, you are aware that in these hard economic times every cent counts! I applaud you for choosing Barbados TODAY and keeping your dollars in your pockets/purses.

My favourite for March 1 was Pig Day. To be honest, if I were Catholic, I’d have needed to do penance, for certainly my anticipation of this day was a sin. I sat at Youth Service dreaming of barbecued pigtails and pork hocks, and as soon as church was over, headed to R. Pees roadside barbecue grill.

According to daysoftheyear.com, “the pig is a wholly underrated animal, so this special day was created in 1972 to attempt to elevate awareness of the intellectual prowess, adaptability and general tastiness of the humble pig”.

The site recommended celebrating Pig Day by “tying pink ribbons to trees to symbolize curly pink tails, and then either give the poor piggies a break in recognition of their service, or tuck into a nice bacon sarnie . . .”. Well, I’m sure you’ve realized by now that I chose to celebrate by demonstrating my great appreciation for their succulent meat. Here’s how I celebrated Pig Day.

Pig Day Eve’s Night: barbecued pigtails (they were out of hocks); breakfast: Farmer’s Choice bacon burgers crumbled in a veg stir fry with a healthy side of bacon (never without these two items); lunch: I considered Emerald City for a proper pork chop but headed down to The Village at Lemon Arbor for some souse (got spare ribs instead) where my boy Mark McCollin was doing a Mount Gay promotion (Don’t judge me, Pastor, Mount Gay is my client, so technically I was at work).

Later that night, I was drawn back to R. Pees in South District for the best roadside spare ribs and pigtails in Barbados. The ribs were to die for. Confession: I took some home and celebrated all over again on Sunday; but don’t worry about my health. I ate it with salad J.

We truly love him in a house. We truly love him with a mouse. We truly love him here or there. We truly love him anywhere. We truly love the silly goose. We truly love old Dr Seuss!

March 2 was Dr Seuss Day. Some may find this day weird, but I mark it as worthy. I used to love reading these silly rhymes to my little sister years ago. I think they even entertained me more that they did her. I couldn’t find any of these books close to hand to commemorate Dr Seuss, so I went to the fridge for a pigtail to reminisce on the previous day.

Also celebrated on this day were Namesake Day, Banana Cream Pie Day and Old Stuff Day. (Being born in 1904, would Dr Seuss qualify as old stuff also?)

March 3 is Cold Cuts Day. According to daysoftheyear.com on March 3 anything and everything related to cold cut meats is celebrated.

“Nobody really knows where the celebration of such an essential part of the human diet (and fridge essential stocks!) came from, but frankly, it’s as good an excuse as any to . . . eat! Cold cuts come in many shapes and forms, whether it’s leftover ham, turkey or chicken, deli sliced pastrami, salami, chorizo, sausage or corned beef.”

Have you ever been to an event and watched as people mumbled and bit their tongues trying to sing the National Anthem, obviously struggling with the words? It’s funny, unless you’re the one doing the mumbling. If it is, don’t worry, you are not alone. Most people don’t remember the words, especially to the verses. However, we all chirp in to the much louder and more boldly sung chorus.

Well, you are in luck. Yesterday was National Anthem Day. This day allegedly encourages us to sing our own National Anthem, but also to learn those of other countries’. Daysoftheyear.com asks: “How many do you know?”

However, I ask, do you even know your own? Try learning the words to the Barbados National Anthem and save your tongue some trouble at the next event you attend.

Also celebrated yesterday were Fun Facts About Names Day, Mulled Wine Day and What If Cats And Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day. I’ll spare you the write-up on this one, but I’d love to see some of the “photoshopped” images that you can come up with showing these animals with thumbs. Post them on our Facebook page; let’s all have a great laugh.

Today, March 4 is Grammar Day.

“It isn’t fare that people judge other people buy there bad grammar.” (Source unknown.)

My Harrison College friends would love this one. Oh, how they relish correcting other people’s grammar. I could boast pretty good grades in all things English when I was in school; but, even now, I dare not send any formal correspondence or even submit this article without first running my spell and grammar checks.

And by checks, I’m not referring to ones run by the computer . . . no! Though it pains me to make such a vile admission as a proud Combermerian, I am loath to confess that I send all written materials to a past Harrisonian. Horrific though it may be, it prevents my ever making any mistakes that would procure unsolicited chidings, corrections and looks of disgust that they delight in presenting. And, should there be any errors, I get the last laugh because they would have also missed or created them in the first place.

Daysoftheyear.com says to “celebrate Grammar Day by crossing your Is, dotting your Ts, and making sure that you’re correctly punctuating and structuring your sentences. Watch those apostrophes!”.

“I aint gonna use bad grammer no more!” (Source unknown.)

We may have missed out on Namesake Day (March 2) and Fun Facts About Names Day (yesterday). However, today is Unique Name Day, and, thanks to my parents, I feel obliged to join in the celebration. Daysoftheyear.com says: “Do you have any friends who have unique names? Take a moment on Unique Names Day to consider the fact that they have to go through life without ever sharing a name with a famous celebrity, being presented with personalized merchandise at fares (see Grammar Day . . . lol), zoos and [other] events, and to probably have to spell their name to everybody they ever meet.

“Then again, having a unique name is pretty cool, and a great talking point!”

Well daysoftheyear.com, you’re right on that last point. My name is very unique and I love it.

Do you have a unique name? I’d love to know what it is. For those of you who don’t, don’t feel left out, you may share your friends’ unique names or simply tell us the most unique name you have ever come across. Please add your comments on our Facebook page.

So, it’s also Pancake Day. The people at daysoftheyear.com suggest that we celebrate by, “you guessed it, eating pancakes”! They suggest keeping it simple with “flour, egg, milk and butter, or get exotic and consider a pinch of salt, ice water, vanilla and more”! For me, I prefer to just whip out my box of Aunt Jemima or Hungry Jack Buttermilk Pancake Mix and serve with a healthy helping of bacon. When is Bacon Day, though??? I simply cannot wait.

Also celebrated today, March 4: Pound Cake Day and International Scrapbooking Industry Day . . . . Scrapbooking? Is this popular in Bim?

If you are a scrapbooker, hit me up on Barbados TODAY’s Facebook page.

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