Boyce: Marketing and promotion arm needed for tourism

Barbados definitely needs a market and a product authority.

This assertion was made by Christ Church South MP John Boyce during debates on the Barbados Tourism Product Authority Bill and the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Christ Church South MP John Boyce

“I recognise only too well the need for this move towards a product authority and a marketing authority. A product authority to maintain and to develop the infrastructure here in Barbados where product is defined not only by the physical attributes that we build on but by the recognition that we, the people of Barbados, the operators of the business of tourism, are a part of that product.

“When we start to define product by way of the quality of the experience that our visitors enjoy, then we start to get closer to the reality of the challenge in terms of tourism, and of course the marketing arm would be in a much stronger position then to operate in its own environment and then to ensure that we get our best usage of the very scarce dollars which we can put into
our tourism development,” he said.
The Minister of Health in supporting the move said he believed it was welcome and a wonderful opportunity for Barbados.

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