Agrofest gets top marks

Simone Trotman
Simone Trotman

At least one business is now eyeing opportunities overseas as a result of the exposure received during the three-day Agrofest.

Simone Trotman, a sales person with Shalana’s Natural Wine, who has been participating in the event for the past two years, says it is good news for the company which is owned by Kenrick Boucher.

A guy came and tasted and he was very impressed and he is interested in helping us to export them so that is a big step for us,” she said.

First-timer, Deborah Mudiwa Taitt Cumberbatch, showcased jewelry that she designed, as well as gift items and clothing.

Deborah Mudiwa Taitt Cumberbatch.Still001
Deborah Mudiwa Taitt Cumberbatch

I am quite pleased with what I’ve done so far,” she said.

Sherphine Howell, who had taken a five-year break from the event said she was pleasantly surprised by the level of organisation.

A similar view was expressed by Terentia Bowen who said, “This year Agrofest is pretty big. In my opinion its bigger than last year from what I have seen….In my opinion it’s also very organised.”

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    Pamalea Payne March 3, 2014 at 8:08 am

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