Exciting polo series starts on Sunday

The Cheshire polo team from England will play three matches against a Barbados side at the Holders Polo Ground this Sunday, on March 6 and next Sunday March 9.

According to president of the Barbados Polo Club, Wayne Archer, the three matches should be exciting for polo fans as the members of the Cheshire  Club are known for playing hard on and off the field.

Polo action is on this Sunday at Holder's Hill.
Polo action is on this Sunday at Holder’s Hill.

“We are delighted to have our friends from England back with us for another tournament. They have created a reputation for playing hard on and off the field, and based on what has taken place on previous encounters between the two teams polo fans are in for a treat  during these matches,” Archer told a media briefing at Courtesy Garage this morning.

Archer  said he was expecting the matches to be a lot of fun and urged Barbadians and visitors to the island to come out and support the matches.

He noted that polo played a major role in sports tourism on the island, bringing several visitors to the island each year.

“Polo is a key player in the sports tourism industry attracting several visitors to the ground when it is being played. In addition, clubs which are on the island to play polo games bring several supporters with them. Cheshire has brought over forty supporters with them. If a count is done on the other teams which visit the island to play polo it will be clearly seen that the game is a main contributor to sports tourism,” Taylor said.

Coach of the Cheshire team Howard Taylor stated that the team was eagerly looking forward to the matches.

“This is our 40th visit to Barbados, we have established a firm and strong relationship with the members of the Barbados Polo Club during our long relationship with them. Last year they won the series against us so we have a score to settle. And we have brought a young side this year to even the score, “ Taylor said.

He stressed that Cheshire would not be using any guest players this year,  the team will be comprised of all club members. The Barbados team will be captained by Teddy Williams and Oliver Taylor will lead Cheshire.


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