Donville blasts Mia for boycott

Immature and disrespectful!
That’s how outspoken Government minister Donville Inniss describes Opposition Leader Mia Mottley’s decision to boycott the 375th anniversary celebrations of Parliament today.
The Minister of International Business, Small Business Development, Industry and Commerce said he believed Mottley was being given bad advice, adding that now is not the time for “petty partisan politics”.
“Parliament first of all does not recognize political parties. Parliament is not all about DLP and BLP. It is a national entity. This is the 375th anniversary of Parliament. We are the third oldest Parliament in the Commonwealth. This little island has been able to achieve what many countries around the world, including Europe, have not been able to achieve which is a symbol of strong government that is well captured in our Parliament. Therefore it is something to celebrate,” said Inniss.
“We are a member of the British Commonwealth and the Queen is the Head of State. Ms Mottley and all of her Members of Parliament show allegiance to the Queen. We will have members of the royal family for the celebration. I think it is a little disrespectful to our guests who represent the head of our state for us to engage in such petty partisan politics,” he said.
In addition, Inniss said, the event is providing some level of employment for a number of people.
“The money that is being spent in the grand scheme of things is not a lot of money but, more importantly, it is money that will be spent on Barbadian businesses and individuals who are providing all of the support services including the lighting, entertainment, food.  It is not money being put in a barrel and being sent out in the ocean. So this is money that is going to be used to help employ Bajans for a few days. If Ms Mottley doesn’t want the government to spend money with our own people she should say so,” he said.
“We must not miss the opportunity. There will be tourists that will be present to get the chance to see something that they may not see again for another 25 years in terms of celebrating our Parliament history. Therefore it is, to my mind, very childish and petty on the side of the Opposition party to boycott any event associated with celebration of our 375th anniversary of Parliament.”

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