Signia rewards 20 customers

This month, Signia Financial Group Inc. rewarded over 20 customers with gift vouchers, hampers and prizes when they applied for an auto loan at Signia. The lucky winners were the first to receive their winnings in Signia’s new promotion 5 For The Road.

The auto loan campaign brings together five partners, along with Signia to offer Signia’s customer’s additional benefits and bonuses with approved new auto loans. The contributing partners are Sol (Barbados), Automotive Art, United Insurance and Cave Shepherd & Company Limited, and are all proven leaders in their respective fields.

To date, 14 customers have received Sol (Barbados) vouchers and four received Meguiar’s hampers from Automotive Art. Additionally all customers obtaining vehicle loans received a 15 per cent discount voucher from Signia and were able to apply for a Cave Shepherd Card or increase their credit limits with the new loans. United Insurance sealed the package by offering reduced rates on all insurance premiums from United Insurance.

Business development Officer Samantha Inniss stated: “I am pleased with the enthusiastic response to our 5 For The Road promotion and we are grateful to have such good partners on board. We continue to look for ways to offer our customers quality service when they bring their business to us and give them added value by offering bonuses and discounts through strategic partnerships with Sol (Barbados), Automotive Art and United Insurance.”

The promotion continues until March 30. (PR)

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