Reiki control, yes!

Call for regulation of therapists community

As more Barbadians seek alternative treatment, the holistic community in Barbados should be regulated, says Samantha Nelson-Kirwan, vice-president of the Barbados Reiki Association, the registered governing body for holistic therapists practising in Barbados.

Nelson-Kirwan said her association would accept the community being regulated by local authorities, especially on the heels of Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy’s promoting Barbados as a health and wellness destination.

“We want to make sure that the regulation is here and put in place, not out of maliciousness, not out of wanting to remove people’s choices, but to create a platform where people know that when they go to see a holistic practitioner it will be someone who is properly qualified,” she said.

The therapist was speaking during the Press launch of the association’s annual Holistic Health Fair.

Adding her views on regulating the body, president Sharon Hurley Hall said that in order for a Reiki practitioner to be listed on the association’s official website, that person must provide certificates and adequate proof of training experience before being recommended for teaching courses and delivering treatment.

Meanwhile, Everton Holligan, director of Healing Earth Life Products, and also a member of the association, indicated that he believed some types of foods being sold in supermarkets should also be regulated.

“I think there should be regulations to ingredients that are placed in specific foods that are brought into the average market to be sold. Regulation needs to be adjusted across the board,” he said.

“If you want to regulate us, that’s fine. But we also have to regulate all the other aspects of foods and other industries around us as well,” Nelson-Kirwan added.

The fair, scheduled to be held at Harrison College on March 2, will showcase the abundance of holistic therapies available in Barbados. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about meditation, experience mini-Reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, massage and crystal healing treatments, among others. Blood sugar and pressure checks will also be offered.

The first Holistic Health & Well-Being Directory has also been slated to be launched at the fair.

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