Motorists advised to park and ride

Lawmen are advising motorists to park and ride as they prepare to deal with one of their busiest and most challenging days.

In excess of 11,000 people are expected converge on The City tomorrow for six major events, 10,000 of them would be cruise ship visitors, while many others would be participating in Agrofest and official events celebrating the 375th Anniversary Of The Barbados Parliament.

Station Sergeant Rodney Inniss, who is in charge of traffic, said residents need to prepare for traffic diversions, no parking restrictions, road closures, and rerouting of pedestrian traffic.

“We’ve dealt with this type of thing before. What is new is dealing with all of them at the same time and that’s the message we want to send to the public out there. We need your help,” he told Barbados TODAY.

“We do not want you to come into town with your vehicles. We welcome you but we encourage you to do park and ride. Do whatever it takes to avoid the area. Only come if you have to and if you have to please leave the vehicles behind. It’s going to be very, very busy on Friday and we trust that the weather holds up because we know when the rain comes what is going to happen with our traffic.”

Sergeant Inniss said policemen and women would be out in their numbers to ensure the safety of all participants and onlookers.

“We are going to be out in our numbers. We want to reassure the public of the safety of the parade and every other [event] but we’re asking for their assistance to make this a wonderful incident that is incident-free,” he said.

With the events being held on a Friday monthend – one of the most lucrative day for businesses – police have been meeting with storeowners, taxi drivers, and vendors appraising them of the situation.

“We’ve done a door to door. We did that since last week and it continued all during this week where we’ve attempted to speak with every storeowner, every vendor, every taxi owner who will be affected by this operation on tomorrow, and not only speak to them to advise them but to encourage support for what we’re trying to do,” the lawman added.

The to celebrate Parliament’s anniversary will begin in the courtyard of the Parliament Buildings at 5 p.m., and as a result Government announced a number of road closures in and around The City tomorrow.

These include: Trafalgar Street, Broad Street (from Prince William Henry Street to High Street), High Street and Wharf Road. In addition, no north bound traffic will be allowed on the Charles Duncan O’Neal Bridge.

These road closures will occur between 9:30 a.m. and 12 noon to facilitate the parade organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society and again from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. to facilitate the reception.

Entry to roads adjacent to the routes travelled by The Earl and Countess of Wessex and The Governor General will be temporarily restricted.

Traffic from Lower Broad Street will be diverted onto Prince William Henry Street; while motorists travelling to The City from Bay Street will be diverted onto Jemmotts Lane, and vehicular traffic from St Michael’s Row will be diverted south bound onto the Charles Duncan O’Neal Bridge.

No parking will be allowed on the following roads: Belmont Road, Constitution Road, Martindales Road, St Michael’s Row, Bridge Street, Fairchild Street, Trafalgar Street, Magazine Lane, Palmetto Square, Palmetto Street, Marhill Street and Rickett Street.

Where necessary, vehicular traffic will be diverted. Traffic signals around The City will be in flashing mode.

Police officers and traffic wardens will be posted at strategic areas and intersections to enforce road closures and restrictions. (CW/BGIS)


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