Healthy lifestyle campaign launched

A major campaign that’s aimed at encouraging healthy lifestyles has been launched in Barbados.

The drive, which will be taken to the public for the first time during this weekend’s Agrofest in Queen’s Park, is being carried out by the Barbados Diabetes Association on behalf of the Barbados Association Retired Persons.

Executive manager of BARP, Elsa Webster, told a news conference this morning that the first stage of the “On the Move” programme will push the slogan Just A Pinch: Pinch It Or Lose It.

Webster said the “pinch” refers to the intake of salt, too much of which elevates hypertension.

She noted that the programme would not be a hit-and-run initiative but was expected to continue into the coming years.

The BARP head also told reporters that the campaign aimed to emphasise salt reduction, physical activity, back yard gardening and how to save money on medication.

Webster stated that her organisation will focus on educating the consumer and its 40,000 members on how to read labels as well.

Vice-president of BARP, Dame Billie Miller, revealed that the association planned to approach supermarkets to persaude them to allocate no-salt/low-salt areas.

Dame Billie also disclosed that the School Meals Programme would be targeted also.

The stakeholders informed the media that fast foods outlets will encouraged to reduce their salt content and provide healthier alternatives to the consumer.

However, she reasoned that these restaurants would have to listen to the consumer in offering healthier choices.

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