BICO honours former employee

Yesterday BICO honoured and celebrated the 101 birthday of a former long-standing employee of the company.

BICO’s chairman Edwin Thirlwell (left) chatting with former employee, 101-year-old Frank Moore.
BICO’s chairman Edwin Thirlwell (left) chatting with former employee, 101-year-old Frank Moore.

Frank Moore, who celebrated his birthday in January was the centre of attention when BICO’s top management and staff, his family members and retired individuals who worked with the former tank man, gathered at the company’s Harbour Road, St Michael office.

Moore was unable to verbally convey how he felt about the celebration being hosted in his honour. However, he showed that signs that he was aware of the celebration as he cut and ate a slice of the attractive cake which was made for him.

He smiled as he accepted a BICO brand souvenir hat and T-shirt from chairman Edwin Thirlwell.

Some of his former colleagues delivered brief remarks about their days working with him, stretching as far back as when BICO produced only pure ice and was located at Bay Street, St Michael.

Albert Blenman, who was Moore’s supervisor for over ten years, described his former co-worker as a very nice, quiet and intelligent man, who never gave any trouble and was committed to effectively and efficiently carrying out his duties when on the job.

“I don’t know how he managed to live to 101 with the work that he used to do. At that time, we use to make a thing called block ice and you had a tank and you had to put this water in the tank and freeze it to block ice. Then when the ice is finished, he would lift the can out of the tank and put it in the store room and then refill the same tank to make more ice,” Blenman explained.

Meanwhile, the elderly man’s daughter 59-year-old Cecilia Moore said that her father whom she takes care of was in generally good health and was still active around the house, with the capability of doing many things on his own.

She recalled her father going to work at BICO when she was a child.

“I remember him walking from Martindale’s Road down here [Harbour Road] because there wasn’t any bus. When it was in Bay Street it was a shift system and he use to collect me from school at 3 o’clock when he worked day,” Moore explained.

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