New ECG donated to QEH

After being without the machine which is vital for detecting heart attacks in patients and having to utilise those from other departments for months, the staff of the Department of Medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital can now do their job more efficiently.

Today, The League of Friends of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital donated a brand new Electorcardiogram (ECG) machine to the department.

Speaking to the media during the handing over of the machine, in the hospital’s boardroom, Dr Mike Krimholtz, consultant physician in the Department of Medicine said that the donation was timely as there were currently two ECG machines in the department where most of the cardiac patients were placed, awaiting repairs since last year. He said currently there were working machines in the departments of Accident and Emergency and the Intensive Care Unit and Cardiology.

Krimholtz said the new machine would play a pivotal role in managing acutely ill patients with various cardiac conditions and diagnosing cardiac attacks.

“With the machine medical patients are a lot safer than they were yesterday,” he said.

Professor Timothy Roach, acting head in the medical department confirmed: “In the department of medicine we don’t have any working ECG machines at the moment so this couldn’t have come in a more timely and opportune moment for us.”

Meanwhile, Norma Bowen, The League of Friends’ public relations officer said that for the last 49 years, the voluntary organization made a valuable contribution to the hospital and was pleased to again donate another substantial machine
to the facility, its patients and its staff. Bowen also made a special appeal for more members to join the organization, especially men.

“We are need of more members, especially men. We have approximately 25 working members and only two men are members of the league of friends.

“So we really need men to come in and help us because they are male patients in the hospital who could do with a shave or haircut or just somebody who can talk with them,” Bowen pleaded.

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  1. Robert Holloway
    Robert Holloway February 25, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    well done


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