BDF trains Bajans in IT

The Barbados Defence Force has not only been safeguarding national borders, but also training Barbadians in safe and secure transmission of electronic data.

BDF chief-of staff Colonel Alvin Quintyne disclosed that information recently at a graduation ceremony for 12 military personnel from Barbados and other Caribbean territories, who had completed a four-week data communications course conducted by members of the
Canadian Forces.

“Over 1,100 persons from various departments in the public sector of Barbados have participated in IT training courses that were either conducted or facilitated by the BDF,” Quintyne said.

Along with the BDF, participants for the course that ended this morning, were drawn from Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, and Antigua and Barbuda. The training sessions were conducted at the Information Technology Training Room, St Ann’s Fort, Garrison.

“This training centre . . . has not only made an excellent contribution towards the delivery of high-quality  IT training to some security of the forces of the region, but it has also enabled the BDF to contribute significantly to national development in the area of building human resources and capacity in information technology,” Quintyne said.

He said the BDF also provides IT classes to adults and secondary school students leading to their certification at CXC General Proficiency and Advanced level examinations.

Quintyne said the Force is also branching into new areas of IT training, and last October to November it facilitated an animation course.

“This achievement is indeed a clear demonstration that the military and other security forces . . . can make a meaningful and positive contribution to national development,” he said.

Some graduates of the data communication course  at their workstations during the graduation ceremony. Inset, Lance Corporal Curtis Davidson of the Trinidad  and Tobago Defence Force delivering the vote of thanks at the graduation ceremony.
Some graduates of the data communication course
at their workstations during the graduation ceremony. 

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