Opposition MP says time for peaceful demonstrations

An opposition parliamentarian is rallying Barbados Labour Party troops for street protests.

Member of Parliament Santia Bradshaw told the BLP’s rally at Quaker’s Road, Carrington Village, St Michael, last night that it’s time for peaceful demonstrations and she was hopeful the party would give the go ahead.

“I want to put a placard in my hand and tell them they can’t silence me,” she declared to applause from the crowd taking up the cross section of Chadderton and Quaker’s roads.

“I have one question for [prime minister] Freundel Stuart and the Democratic Labour Party and I want them to go,” she said.

“The Barbados Labour Party is ready to hit the road, and we are going to do so peacefully,” Bradshaw declared.

Meantime, another speaker David Gill is demanding that Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy be fired for incompetence.

He said Sealy should be held responsible for declining tourist arrivals over the past years.

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