Entrepreneurship as part of culture

The Small Business Association head is calling for more entrepreneurial enterprises in schools.

Speaking on Friday evening at the launch of the Purple Kiss salon at the Springer Memorial Secondary School Lynette Holder further requested that the Ministry of Education consider having a programme, such as the SBA’s Enterprise In Action, which focused on entrepreneurship, permanently featured on schools’ curricula so as to help young people to think entrepreneurially.

“We are of the view that we can no longer continue to maintain the standard of living that we the grown accustomed to unless we are able to really create the kind of culture that allows persons to think innovatively, to seize opportunities that are presented to them and to creatively push ideas for the next level of growth and development,” she said.

“The Small Business Association encourages the Minister of Education and the ministry officials to see this particular project as a value added to the overall policy that the Ministry of Education will have. In seeking to ensure that an entrepreneurial thinking is actually inculcated in the minds of our young persons from this stage. With an understanding that if we can stay focussed to this cause that we will be able over the next dispensation to move our populace from being dependent on the civil service or on the Government to being independent and thinking that their own destiny is within their grasp and as a result through their own entrepreneurial endeavours and through that entrepreneurial mindset they can actual transition and transform Barbados.

Since the Enterprise In Action began in 2009 it has allowed the Small Businness Association to interface with some 925 students from15 schools across the island. She said during that time the SBA had worked with about 85 students from the Springer Memorial School.

Springer Secondary, in particular, she said utilized the mentorship programme to prepare its students for the world of work and it has through the years established several businesses, including the present salon, which was conceived with the assistance of Shelly Williams and WSalon.

Pleased with the number of participants in the overall programme, Holder however said that the SBA was aspiring to expand the project to all secondary schools.

“It is not the intention of this organization to create entrepreneurs in all of our forms, but more importantly to influence the kind of entrepreneurial thinking that we believe is required to help reposition and refine [Barbados] for the next level of growth and development. If we continue this programme and expand beyond the 15 schools that we have been able to work with over time, to all secondary schools then the national strategic in 2005/2025, which spoke to creating, enabling that entrepreneurial culture in Barbados that that goal can be realized.

“We believe that the five years we have been implementing this particular initiative has borne fruit, we have seen the numbers in terms of students being impacted. We have been able to bring together some of our members and business community to invest and partner with us through mentorship  to ensure there is that connection between industry and education. We know that there is a need for us to go even further we would like to see it in all our secondary schools,” she added as she appealed to the business community to get involved.

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