Transport Board: Expect delays

Commuters have been warned by the Transport Board to expect delays in service next Friday, February 28.

A notice issued by the Transport Board this evening advised the public that next week will be the beginning of Agrofest 2014, as well as the 375th anniversary of Parliament, both activities happening in The City, among other events on the day.

“Due to these activities the Transport Board will be providing transportation for patrons seeking to access these events, in addition to our regular daily duties.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to cover all of these activities without some level of disruption to our service schedule. We therefore anticipate some delays during the peak hours,” the company said.

The Board further advised passengers to plan their travel accordingly, as it apologised for the inconvenience caused.

2 Responses to Transport Board: Expect delays

  1. Claire Battershield
    Claire Battershield February 21, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Now seriously they mean it will get wussa. Transport board bud system is nothing but horrors. It is because of their continuous nonsense that the road is filled with cars.The system is,unreliable as France. Apologies,apologies,apologies and nothing changes. The only time the buses work well is when they have scenic rides.Many of the drivers are ill mannered too.So there I’d no consolation in that announcement .It is business as usual

  2. Mac10 February 22, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Can you run a competition on the following monday to see if anyone noticed??


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