Meet the newest rewards company next Friday

A new rewards company will officially unveil its products next Friday at the Radisson Aquatica Resort from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Freedom Money Rewards said in a statement recently that the all-day event would serve not just to launch the company, “but also its service that will focus on putting money back into the consumer’s pocket, along with international and medical benefits that will be provided for their members”.

Managing representative Shanelle Gill explained that the company, which was thrilled to be giving added value to its members, was a card operated service.

“The value added card service paired with our debit Mastercard, allows cardholders rewards and money back from spending their own cash. Get cash back when you spend your own money with your FMR value added loyal prepaid Mastercard, with no interest or penalty fees involved. It’s simply money back you will receive when you use your FMR card rather than hard cash.

“Why? FMR is offering value to Barbadians to assist them in achieving more flexibility with their available cash. It helps our economy and encourages more freedom to spend your cash without the worry of any major financial repercussions. Freedom for your money,”
the company stated.

Explaining the system a bit more, it said: “The loyalty programme works independent of any current or future value added or discount service provided by the company’s retail partners. Senior members also receive special benefits towards their medical and vision visits.

“FMR senior loyalty programme is not meant to compete with any current insurance or membership senior members currently might have. As mentioned our service is only meant to add additional value, rewards and money back for our members, on top of current consumer offers.”

This and more will be explained in detail at the company’s launch event, which it offered retailers as well to attend and even come on board the rewards system.

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