Rihanna graces Vogue cover again

Rihanna on the cover on the March edition of Vogue.
Rihanna on the cover on the March edition of Vogue.

For the third time in just four years, Bajan superstar Rihanna has graced the cover of Vogue. And now, a French magazine is in the island, researching the superstar for its own 
April edition.

Rihanna is being featured on Vogue, styling her own eyeliner and showing off yet another hairstyle in the latest edition of the renowned magazine. At the same time, Thomas Pitrel, reporter of Snatch Magazine, a five year old bimonthly couture magazine from Paris, is in the island and told Bajan Vibes though they don’t usually follow superstars, Rihanna 
was different.

In an interview this afternoon, after arriving in Barbados a day ago, Pitrel said Rihanna’s sheer star power was enough 
for readers in France to want to know more.

Described as “le shot culture”, he explained that a lot of what the magazine did was lengthy stories on different aspects of the arts.

“The main goal is to write some long stories, do long stories talking about the people, the life, the culture and the society, everything mixed in,” he said by telephone.

“Why do we want to do Rihanna. Usually we don’t do a lot of things about large superstars, celebrities, but we think that Rihanna is different in a way because she is very young, she has won a lot of awards and she has done a lot of songs with great success and we want to understand why and 
to know who she is. She is not someone like other young stars 
. . . . She is really free and we are really interested in that,” he added.

Pitrel arrived in Barbados Tuesday and has hit the ground running, trying to get in touch with Rihanna’s family, friends, people who knew her growing up, even with her alma mater. Though he is only here for three days, he is certain he can pull his information together in the time frame to not just feature the locally raised superstar, but the culture and entertainment scene 
of Barbados as well.

“We will try to reach some people who knew her, visit her old neighbourhood in Westbury Road. I am trying her former school, but that is not so easy. I want to know who she was and also meet some entertainers of Barbadian music and to talk about what she represents for Barbadian music,” he stated.

The Vogue edition featuring Rihanna, who celebrates her 26th birthday tomorrow on February 20, hit the shelves today, blowing up the international scene with the accomplishment of her third cover in four years. She was also featured across the Twitter-verse and Instagramover the weekend, when she celebrated her birthday with dinner at her favourite Italian restaurant in LA Giorgio Baldo, followed by a trip to Aspen, where she posted pics of the plush cabin for her birthday party.

The April edition of Snatch Magazine featuring Rihanna, comes out at the end 
of next month.

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