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Art is an area the Parkinson Memorial School has excelled in over the years, producing a number of successful Barbadian artists and designers.

Art teacher Barbara Bovell, who has spent over 30 years at the school moulding and shaping these artists, told Barbados TODAY that many students had won National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) Awards in the discipline, and many graduates had sought careers in it.

Bovell was speaking during yesterday’s Display Of Excellence at the school, where past and present students’ artwork was showcased at The Pine, St Michael institution  –– part of its anniversary week       of activities.

Viewing students and teachers were presented with jewellery, sculpture, tie-dye, drawings, paintings, graphic design and craft. Bovell said the event was organized because current students were not aware of the wealth of talent that had come out of the school, especially in the area of art.

“I am very proud of my students. I work hard with my students, and I think that they would all say that. I am trying to show these younger ones, who sometimes have too much attitude and give too much trouble in a classroom, rather than trying to focus on work [the talent we have]. We have too many students who have ability but are not producing because of the wider society problems.

“John public gives Parkinson a bad name, and I think that for the 30-odd years that I have been here, we have been working very hard and producing great things like anybody else, and that needs to be recognized by the public. Too often the public is not aware of what we are doing,”  she said.

The teacher explained that Ellerslie’s principal Captain Errol Brathwaite was a perfect example of one of her students who excelled in art.

“Art is what took him to where he is today.’’

“[In viewing the displays] a lot of students are asking, ‘Ma’am, you did that?’ They don’t recognize that it is former students who were just like them. Among the current students you would see the kind of work that we are working on from the lower school with art club students who work during the lunch hour, evenings, Sundays, and whenever I can. The students go to NIFCA and we get awards every now and again, and then some of them go on to the Barbados Community College and further their studies.”

Carla Gall-Green a nail technician and kids artist, who was showcasing her body line of scrubs, mist and oils, told Barbados TODAY that she was very proud with how the school had progressed over the years. Gall-Green indicated that she was impressed with the pieces and products displayed in the exhibition.

“The sky is the limit. Anything you can do, because anything is possible. You just need to to take what you learn at school and put it into play. You don’t have to be employed for somebody; you can be your entrepreneur and do anything you want to do,” said Gall-Green.



Students viewing pieces of graphic work.
Students viewing pieces of graphic work.

Another display

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