Drakes working with Shillingford

The remedial work on the action of off-spinner Shane Shilingford has been taking place under the guidance of former West Indies fast bowler Vasbert Drakes for the past four weeks.

Shillingford was reported for a suspect action by the umpires during the second Test against India in Mumbia on November 16 and underwent bio-mechanical analysis in Australia on November 29. Since January, Shillingford has been rebuilding his action under the direction of Drakes.

“Shane has been making good progress, I think we have advanced about 60 percent with the corrective measures to reform his bowling action,” Drakes told Barbados TODAY during a session with Shillingford at Kensington Oval.

He explained that his sessions with Shillingford were an on-going process which involved using the latest technology including video analysis  to assist in correcting the off-spinner’s action.

“By the end of this week I hope to be able to assess the stage we are at in the rehabilitation of Shane’s action. The next step will be a progress report to an International Cricket Council review committee headed by the director of coaching of the West Indies Cricket Board Richard Pybus,” Drakes said.

He pointed out that the report would include a video analysis of Shillingford ‘s action. Among the areas he is focusing on during his work with Shillingford are rebuilding his action, making him aware of good and bad techniques and teaching him to make his bowling automatic without worrying about the amount of flex that has been questioned by the ICC.

Drakes said that an important component of Shillingford’s rehabilitation was his learning to be in a position which gave him total awareness of the release of the ball from his hand.

“I am also teaching the steps that he can feel his shoulder rotating perpendicularly in line with his target. It is my intention to teach him how to feel these things when he is running in to bowl. The challenge for Shane is to make all of these things automatic when bowling the top-spinner, arm ball and the doosra  while hitting the target consistently”, Drakes said.

The former Barbados player and current coach with the senior national team is using  the lastest technology in his quest to reform Shillingford’s action. Among them are a Pro Staker Speed Gun  and an Ubersense     Analysis System.

Drakes pointed out that Shillingford’s fast ball had been questioned and he monitored these deliveries with the speed gun . The video of these balls were then downloaded to his and Shillingford’s ipads and this allowed them to see if they were legal deliveries.

He noted that by using Ubersense he could compare pictures of shillingford’s action with other similar bowlers to determine how much progress the off-spinner was making with his degree of flex.

Drakes said his stint with Shillingford would end in the next two weeks and he was sure the problem with the off- spinner’s action would be ironed out by that time.

Shane Shillingford is in Barbados working on his dodgy action with Vasbert Drakes.
Shane Shillingford is in Barbados working on his dodgy action with Vasbert Drakes.

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