Rihanna wins settlement

Rihanna has won a multimillion-dollar settlement after she nearly went broke based on bad advice from her accountant, American media sources are reporting.

In an “exclusive” by Page Six today, it reported that it had been told Rihanna, who had sued her former accountant Peter Gounis and the firm Berdon LLP, under her real name Robyn Fenty, had been offered a settlement of more than $10 million.

Reports had surfaced last week that Rihanna had sue claiming that Gounis and the firm Berdon LLP gave her the green light to buy a $7 million Southern California house even though she was bleeding cash in 2009.

“The defendants advised Ms Fenty by email that purchasing a home in Los Angeles “would be a good investment” despite knowing Ms. Fenty was experiencing financial difficulties”, wrote Rihanna’s lawyer Edward Estrada.

The suit also claimed that she lost $9 million, leaving her with just $2 million at the end of 2009, and her lawyers claimed that Gounis was aware the house was rotting from water and mold damage, forcing her to spend more than $1 million on improvements before selling it for nearly $2 million less than what she paid.

The Bajan superstar fired the accountants and sued them for $35 million in 2012.

Page Six reported today: “Now we are told the firm has offered the singer a settlement of more than $10 million, and papers are due to be signed this week”.

It said Rihanna reps  and Berdon LLP had not gotten back to the media house last night on this update.

It is reported as well that Rihanna’s financial position vastly improved recently after earning enough to put her worth at about $43 million.

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