Clergyman bats for cyber church

Father John Rogers wants the Anglican Church to adopt the use of information and communication technologies to support its evangelical work.

He says this would allow the church to reach out to people who are unable to attend services.

Addressing the annual Diocesan Service at a packed Wildey Gymnasium yesterday morning, he said video streaming should also be considered.

The clergyman believes that the church should engage the community in different ways, enabling it to reinforce the evangelistic approach while creating opportunities for ministry, which he said is like having two churches in one.

We’re at the stage now where we can have two churches in one, the ecclesial church and the cyber church,” he said.

One Response to Clergyman bats for cyber church

  1. Clyde February 17, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    I think what we as Anglicans should do first is to look after the old people who contributed so much of their young lives to the church.
    We just kick aside our old and are now trying to fill the pews with the young.
    Some of these same young people are seeing how their grand parents are treated by the church they love,and they resent this,I know I do.
    I will still stick with the Anglican church though because one day they will get the message.
    Don’t worry about the cyber church Rev,create a caring church


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