Life after school

After two days of showcasing jobs and possible professions –– the Ninth Annual National Career Showcase not lacking for options –– a large number of schoolchildren were yet unsure about their future paths.

Thousands of secondary students would have visited the more than 100 booths at the event held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre in Two Mile Hill, St Michael. A plethora of career opportunities were highlighted, with representatives of several companies and organizations on hand to give the youngsters one-on-one advice.

Siblings Antonia and Marcus Fitzpatrick, both students of The Alleyne School, said they were desirous of pursuing careers in teaching. Antonia described the day as insightful and said that because of what she had learnt she was better equipped to choose courses of study accordingly for her preferred objective.

“It was very interesting, it helped us to think about what we really want to do, and what we need to do to get there. I like helping people and I like talking to people; so I realized that I don’t just need to know English to be able to teach, but because teaching [encompassed] all areas, I could select a variety of my subjects from all areas,” her brother added.

Many of the students of the Ursuline Convent were seemingly quite aware of what area they wanted to pursue. However, some said they saw the showcase as an opportunity to reaffirm their decisions.

Fourteen–year–old Meghan Pace, an Ursuline student, said her career choice was nursing.

“I think coming here today will make me sure about what I want to do. Today I will find what I want to stick with. For me I always knew I wanted to get into medical . . . . I always liked helping people and I would help my mum when my sister was ill; [but] I want to find out about different careers just in case I want to go into any other ones.

“I want to have experience in different ones, instead of just stick to one,” she said.

Rebecca Eames said she wanted to be a professional stylist. She noted she already begun research on materials, the history of the profession and other requisites needed to be the best at her craft. The 14–year–old further said she would use the experience at the showcase to learn much more.

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