What is the plan? asks Abrahams

Opposition Senator Wilfred Abrahams from the floor of the Senate, called on Government to come clean on the true state of the economy.

“What is it really going to take to get back on track? Senator Durant said that the salaries account for 54 per cent of Government expenditure. I heard elsewhere that with these layoffs we will get it down to 51 per cent, and the target ultimately is 40 per cent. But what is that in real terms?

“If every public servants in Barbados has to get their salaries cut by ten per cent, what does that save, how does that help us, where does that take us? Those figures have not been put on the table. So when you bandy about noble objectives like slashing everybody . . . Peter paying for Paul and Paul paying for all, let’s just all take the sacrifice and get us to where need to be, where is the evidence?” he questioned.

Abrahams, in his contribution to the debate on a resolution to cut the salaries of parliamentarians and parliamentary secretaries, this evening, lamented that there was no evidence produced to say the impact, which 3,000 people going home will have on Government savings.

“Nobody has said yet, exactly how many people needed to go home to actually stabilize us? We are taking shots in the dark, with no empirical evidence, no proper study with nothing concrete. The Barbados Labour Party cannot be so reckless as to volunteer cuts for everybody. That is why the constitution was amended when it was; to protect against exactly that.”

enator Wilfred Abrahams
Senator Wilfred Abrahams

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