Govt says, job cuts weren’t easy

The decision to sever public sector workers was not an easy one, but it was a stringent measure that was necessary.

This assertion from Government Senator Dr David Durant who said Government had no joy or peace of mind from such an initiative.

“In Barbados, we have not been this way before because the past recession were not so deep cutting. Therefore, I am concerned because it is difficult for these under 30 years to cope with such a situation since they have never experienced it. The older ones may be able to cope a little better, are more mature and would have gone through several already; but I am saying to my fellow Barbadians that all is not lost. This too will come to pass,” he said in his contribution to debate in the senate on resolution to cut the salaries of parliamentarians and parliamentary secretaries by ten per cent.

The measure had been previous outlined in a ministerial statement issued by Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler on December 13, last year in the House of Assembly.

Senator Durant noted that the Barbadians were a resilient people and he was confident that they possessed the faith and the tenacity to overcome difficult times.

“As long as the real facts are given and understood by the populace, as long as people know the ins and outs of what is what, the Barbadian community will close ranks, they will share . . . with those who are in need. It is a time for all of us to be onboard and to be our brother’s keeper in this very difficult and trying time.

“Adjustment that are necessary at this time can be understood and embraced by our people. As such, our people can be depended upon to face this national crisis head on with faith in God, with wisdom, with
resilience . . . and at the same time grab every opportunity to become more innovative, more creative and entrepreneurial in our outlook on life.  It is an opportunity for us to be different and begin thinking outside the box,” he told the Upper Chamber.

There, he suggested that if Barbadians were able to embrace the spirit of innovation and creativity and entrepreneurship, in the midst of the current crisis, many previously closed doors could be opened.

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