Roads need special upkeep plans

Roads across the country should benefit from maintenance programmes in five or ten year phases.

Parliamentary representative for Christ Church East Central Ronald Jones offered this suggestion today in the House of Assembly while speaking on a resolution for $10.3 million for road construction and maintenance.

In offering his suggestion, Jones said: “There must be a regime which recognizes that: are you going to do roads in five, seven or ten year phases? There is a road in Sheraton Park which has not been repaired since that area was developed. Elizabeth Park has not been done and these are relatively old developments.

“There must be a revolving cycle when you can recognize now that seven, eight, nine or ten years down the road this particular [road] needs to be repaired. You go and take a look and it may not need repairs.

“Barbados has an underlying structure that is very soft. We are a limestone country by and large and if we move from the limestone structure we are into the Scotland District with its mud and clay. So our roads deteriorate a lot quicker than roads in St Lucia or roads in St Vincent or roads in Dominica unless they are undermined by rainfall and slippage.

“That is when you find the difficulties in those countries. We use limestone by and large to prepare construction of our roads. We do not have any granite stone; we would have to import that from some place,” Jones added.

However, he complained that having paved the road, someone goes and turns concrete on top of that road.

He called for the synchronization of activity with the Ministry of Transport and Works, the National Petroleum Corporation, and Barbados Water Authority on the country’s roads.

“Look we will be putting down a three- or four-mile stretch of road at this particular time. If there is need for dredging for you to put lines beneath the surface of the road, come in and carry out the work at the same time. In this case, you would not have to return three weeks after the road has been fixed and dig up the road. You see these drains running across the road that have been recently paved,” the MP explained.

Jones, who is also Minister of Education, Human Resource Management and Innovation, made a passionate appeal for the roads in Elizabeth Park and the Regency Park done, two districts where many senior citizens live.

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